Outdoor audio systems are a great addition to your home

Brandhofer Audio can implement a professionally installed outdoor audio system that will add another dimension of entertainment to your outside living area. For the inexperienced installer, outdoor audio systems can be somewhat of a challenge to execute correctly. This is because the acoustics of an outdoor space are entirely different when compared to indoor acoustics, which is what most people are used to. Mark Brandhofer is trained to ensure that the acoustics of your outdoor audio system are top notch.

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Installing Outdoor Audio goes beyond simply Weatherproofing your system.

Our outdoor audio designs bring a custom sound solution to any outdoor space. Enjoy your favorite music while gardening, swimming, or relaxing on the patio. Enhance your outdoor entertainment with quality sound designed to fit your needs. Our outdoor solutions include hidden rock speakers, buried in-ground subwoofers, under-eave speakers, planter speakers, Bluetooth technology integration, outdoor commercial spaces and pools, etc.

Enjoy Outdoor Audio throughout the Spring and Summer

Like most homeowners, you most likely spend the winter months looking forward to the summer months when you can have fun or relax in the sun. Thinking about entertaining family and friends, throwing birthday or graduation parties, and just plain kicking back and relaxing on your patio can certainly provide motivation to make it through another cold, snowy winter.

Parties and get-togethers are a lot more fun with the right music, played on the right high-quality outdoor sound system. And there’s no better way to enjoy the nice weather than by sitting on the patio or relaxing in the pool while listening to your favorite music.

Outdoor Audio System Installation Expert

Do you currently set up a portable device and speaker, or dragging a radio outside, simply to provide background music when you’re entertaining? The music doesn’t sound very good, right?

Brandhofer Audio has over 30 years of experience setting up fantastic outdoor audio systems for homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley. The music will sound just as good when you’re outside with family or guests as it does when you’re in your living room or home theater.

The music will make you feel like you’re at an outdoor concert, and not just sitting outside listening to a small, tinny speaker.

More importantly, Brandhofer Audio can install the outdoor speaker system so that it fully blends in with your landscaping. Your waterproof speakers and subwoofers can be placed in-ground. Alternatively, you can choose from a large selection of outdoor speakers built to look like rocks or other decorative objects that seem natural fit in your yard or patio. Brandhofer Audio can also permanently mount them on your home or in other locations of your choice.

Now is the time to implement some real music into your outdoor spaces. Call Brandhofer Audio today at (845) 542-4032.




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